Tarla Dalal Nutritious Recipe For Pregnancy

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You have just discovered that you are pregnant! Among the first things that strikes you is that your caloric requirements have increased, and that you will have to ensure intake of certain nutrients. However you don't know exactly which nutrients and how much to consume to have a healthy baby. You are not alone in your confusion. These questions and concerns have been raised by generations of pregnant women who want the right diet for themselves, their babies and family. Find answers to all your diet queries in this book “Nutritious Recipes for Pregnancy”. This book is a ready reckoner of healthy foods to meet all your nutritional needs. It is conveniently divided according to the nutrients a pregnant women requires during those nine months, and features recipes rich in Iron, Calcium and Protein, Antioxidants, Vitamin B-complex and Fibre. The recipes are very simple yet innovative and easy to cook and are sure to appeal to pregnant women with unusual food cravings. Every recipe also highlights the exact amount of nutrients per serving so that you are aware of how the dish is good for you. We have also included brief details about each of these nutrients, like the importance of the nutrient for the growing baby, its recommended daily allowance for a mum-to-be, and its sources. I am sure this book will help you and your baby along the path to good nutrition and health. My best wishes to all the mums - to - be!


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