Classy Touch Premium Quality 5 Pieces Measuring Spoon Set - Small

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  • Size:  Set of FIVE measuring spoons. 15ml(1tbsp), 7.5ml(1/2tbsp), 5ml(1tsp), 2.5ml(1/2tsp), 1.25ml(1/4tsp)
  • Measuring Spoon: Both standard and metric measurements designed on each handle for easy to read. Embossed measurement markings on this set of measuring tools will never fade, flake or rub off. The color sequence of the cups may vary during the shipping according to the stock availability.
  • Perfect for measuring liquid or dry ingredients such as oil, water, milk, rice, baking powder, baking soda, and anything in small quantity.
  • Material: ABS Plastic(Manufactured according to ANSI specifications, Approved Food Grade material, Virgin plastic, Unbreakable body)
  • User-Friendly: Simple and practical design, easy to use and clean.


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