Varmora Classic Lunch Box (Tiffine) 5 Container,Sparkle Buddy 350ml, 1 Nos Spoon & Fork(Cyan Blue)

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  • Microwave Safe containers without lid.
  • Air-tight and liquid-tight containers, Durable And Virtually Unbreakable Construction.
  • Food Grade Product, BPA Free, FDA Approved.
  • Good for Professionals, Student, family picnic, Complete Meal.
  • Container : Magnum Round 750 ml -1 pcs,Store Fresh 650 ml -1Pcs, Magnum Round 500 ml-1 pcs,Tiny Container 100 ml-1,Magnum tiny bowl 100 ml-1,sparkle Buddy 350 ml -1pcs,Fork & Spoon.


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