Wooden Chapati Press Dark Wood Screw Joint Roti Fluffer Extra Strong Paratha Indian Datta Press Long Life Solid Wood Dark Brown

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  • This is a essential tool to make the perfect chapatis, rotis, indian flatbreads or parathas. This authentic utensil is a must in kitchens all over the world will help improve the results of your cooking.
  • Designed For Purpose –This is a specially designed secret utensil for making Chapatis, Rotis, Indian Flatbreads and Parathas. It has been assembled so that you can press, move and fluff the chapati with ease. The structure has a long handle to provide easy grip and has a curved base so that when pressure is applied it does not flatten chappati but gives it space fluff up.
  • No More Burnt Fingers – Moving and pressing chapati or other similar foods on a hot pan can be hazardous. But by using a wooden press/fluffer you protect your hands and fingers from being burnt. The wood construction means no heat is conducted and the handle allows great control, Hence, you will not have to worry about buring your fingertips or ever risking to touch a hot pan with this wooden press/fluffer.
  • Great For New Learners – No matter if your a new learner or experimenting a new type of dish, you need this gadget to help you out. Make soft and fluffy chapatis, rotis, indian flatbreads or parathas to serve along with your starters or main course. You will quickly learn how to easily fluff up chapatis/rotis/indian flatbreads/parathas while ensuring your safety.
  • Structred To Last Forever – This chapati roti press has a nailed design to it structure. The handle is nailed to the base therefore, it will never break or become loose and will provide a long lasting performance for it to be passed down to younger generations.


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