Helping Hand Silicone Heart Shape Muffin Mould 6 Pcs

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  • Ideal for all baking and serving purposes, to bake hot cupcakes/muffin or cold desserts like pastries, puddings, alternatively, it can also be used to serve your desserts while not using it for baking.
  • MICROWAVE & FREEZER SAFE: The silicone baking molds are high-quality. This mould can withstand high temperatures and thus can be safely used in the OTGs and Microwave Ovens with Convection Mode Only, Normal Otg Ovens & Pressure Cookers.
  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN: Effortless release of baked goods--no greasing or cooking spray needed. Works with any standard muffin pan or tin, or on a baking sheet. OptiBake technology ensures optimum baking performance.
  • Made of 100% Food Grade silicon
  • Cold and Heat Resistance - 40 Degree to 230 Degree
  • Lifetime usable - Non-Sticky and Non-Slippery
  • Material: Silicon
  • Color: Yellow
  • Shape: Heart
  • Package Contents: 6 Pieces Helping Hand Silicone Heart Shape Muffin Mould


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