Why Should You Choose Copper Utensils?

Copper age vividly describes the antiquity of the essential metal Copper. The use of this lustrous metal manifested in the form of beautiful jewelry, tools, artifacts, bells, lamps, coins, tableware, vessels and much more. Our Forefathers knew how this shiny red-brown metal could transform lives in impactful ways by simple means. Water stored in a copper vessel or jug overnight brings with it, life-giving forces. This copper-enriched water is called Tamra Jal. The pearls of wisdom that our ancestors left for us are quite worth pursuing with an understanding. Let’s invite this knowledge to be a part of our lifestyle.

Facts about Copper

  • Copper ( Cu ) is one of the oldest metal that was founded in human history. Humans have been making things from copper since 8000 years. According to a survey, Copper is the third most consumed metal by humans after iron and aluminium.
  • Copper is widely popular in the fields of medicine. Studies have shown that copper has anti-microbial properties that kill bacteria and viruses. It is an essential micro nutrient in a human body.
  • Ayurveda has also given a great importance to the copper metal. According to Ayurveda, water stored in copper vessel balances the three doshas in human body that regulates the forces of nature. The three doshas are : Vata ( air and space), Pitta ( fire and water), kapha ( earth and water).
  • Ayurveda also states that copper vessel positively charges water and a natural purification of water occurs when the water is stored in a copper vessel.
  • Copper is not naturally produced in a human body hence it has to be added through external sources.
  • The best way to add accurate amount of copper is to drink water stored in a copper utensil. It might be a Copper Bottle, copper pot, copper carafe, etc.
  • Pure copper has a tendency to turn green in colour. When copper comes in contact with the outer atmosphere an oxidation reaction takes places. Copper loses its electrons and hence its colour changes to green. It is a natural phenomenon.

Drinking water from a copper vessel has numerous health benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Antimicrobial property: According to reports published in 2012, storing contaminated water in a copper utensil for more than 15 hours can actually help to reduce the microbial rate present in that water. Thus copper acts as a water purifier in an indirect manner. Another experiment was carried out in a hospital backdrop, especially in an ICU where it was analyzed and proved that the presence of copper reduces the possibility of infection in such places by killing 97% of the harmful bacteria.
    1. Weight loss: Copper ensures easy digestion process in human body and also facilitates the breakdown of fat which gets incremented depending upon the consumption rate. A simpler way to reduce weight can be the usage of copper vessels in an increased frequency.
    2. Anti-aging factor: One needs not to worry about their tendency of growing wrinkles or age marks as copper is the secret natural solution for aging. Copper ensures the provision of antioxidants as well as it assures the reduction of wrinkles by providing fresh cell growth.
    3. Brain stimulant: Copper helps in the effective functioning of brain. Now the question arises about how it does. Neurons are the structural and functional units of nervous system and the internal structure of neurons reveal about the presence of myelin sheaths. Copper ensures the proper synthesis of phospho-lipids which are an essential element of myelin sheaths.
    4. Pain reliever: Copper possesses anti-inflammation properties which helps in combating arthritis and other such diseases. It also contributes much to the immune system for strengthening of bones which makes it an ultimate remedy for rheumatoid arthritis.
    5. Anti-cancerous: This theory is not yet validated on practical grounds but it is believed by many physicians that copper possesses some anti-cancerous properties and it also reduces the negative effects of cancer to high extent. Although this theory is not yet verified.

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