Varmora Plastic Rice, Fruits, Vegetable, Noodles, Pasta – Washing Bowl & Strainer Good Quality & Perfect Size For Storing And Straining Red

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  • Innovative, modern, and space-saving.
  • The strainer slides down when not in use
  • Good Quality and Perfect Size: Rice, Pasta, Noodles, Fruits, Vegetables for Storing and Straining
  • Varmora Fruit Basket & Washing Bowl Strainer – No More Wastage of Food While Washing Storing and Draining pasta noodles, washing fruits & vegetables, rinsing rice and grains, even using in conjunction with cheesecloth to strain yogurt or stock, a colander is indispensable in a well-equipped kitchen.
  • With different features and materials to choose from, here’s what you need to know about buying the best colanders for your needs, and ways that you can make the most of your purchase. Make cooking easier with the Innovative Rinse Bowl And Strainer
  • In One, a practical multifunction kitchen tool. Specially designed for soaking and thoroughly washing rice, fruits and vegetables, legumes, barley and other larger grains.
  • Get rid of water and starch in your pasta in a few seconds or clean your potatoes, tomatoes, daal and any other vegetable, fruit or legume effortlessly.
  • This is a great kitchen tool and its completely dishwasher safe and made from food-grade material, its an non-toxic and odourless bowl designed to withstand daily use


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