Tarla Dalal's Chips And Dips

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Can anything ever be more relaxing than huddling up with your family
or best friends watching a movie or chatting in your cosy living room?
The only thing that can make this experience better is a bowlful of
chips and a lip-smacking dip to go with it! Indeed, Chips and Dips
make terrific appetisers and are also the first choice for a snack any
time during the day, and in any season.

It is an exciting repertoire too, with no dearth of choices, as you
will see from the 43 recipes given in this book. Creamy and crunchy,
tangy and cheesy, traditional and innovative, this book offers you a
wide collection of recipes that will tickle your taste buds into
limitless joy! The best part is that most of these recipes can be
whipped up within minutes using readily available ingredients.

The recipes in this book are categorised as Hot Dips, Cold Dips, Quick
Dips and Fondues, along with popular Chips and Accompaniments to serve
them with.


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