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It is not merely the taste and the texture that make cakes appealing, but to a large extent, their looks too. A brilliant cake might end up seeming quite ordinary if not decked up sufficiently well. However, decorating cakes is - unfortunately - no cake walk! It requires a lot of know-how, patience, time and creativity. Decorating pastries requires even more skill because each slice needs to look and taste as good as the others. “Cakes and Pasteries: A step by step guide to easy decorating using readymade sponges” is an attempt to guide you - step by step - through the process of decorating cakes and pastries. From the classic Black Forest and the intoxicating Chocolate Coffee Cake, to the sugar-garnished Peach Praline Gateau, we show you how to create masterpieces, through clear sequential instructions and accompanying photos. We’ve told you how to make the sponges too, so you can make it all in your kitchen itself! Just remember to understand the ingredients and instruments well, and read the instructions carefully (more than once if required), take a good look at the pictures and give it your best try - I am sure you will get the hang of it very soon. Wish you many creamy, dreamy moments!


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