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Burgers are more than a mere snack. Replete with bun, cutlet, cheese and salad veggies, it can actually be a very wholesome meal. Skip the aerated drink, and throw in a smoothie. Couple it with an interesting accompaniment, what more can you ask for. You can woo any age-group, young or old, with your own 'meal combo'! In Burgers & Smoothies, I offer you recipes for 12 burgers, 12 accompaniments and 24 smoothies. As always, the collection includes both traditional and innovative recipes, including some like the Veggie Burger, Rajma Burger, French Fries, Masala French Fries, Anjeer Smoothie and Apple Smoothie and many more. Go ahead and try these recipes. You're sure to like them. Combine them as per your liking to make wonderful meals, and also let your mind conjure up other interesting dishes based on these recipes.


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