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Baked Dish - This very term reminds us of continental cuisine. There is no denying that it is a very “Western” concept, but it has started making headway into Indian homes and that too at breakneck speed. The reason for the growing popularity of baked dishes could be attributed among other things to the excitement-seeking palates of today's youngsters, or to their desire to cook exotic dishes quickly and easily! I am sure you would have encountered common baked dishes such as Vegetable Au Gratin and Baked Macaroni sometime in your life. Exciting though they are, the repertoire of baked dishes is in no way limited to these. Different cuisines have their own versions of bakes dishes. Here, I have recorded a lot of traditional all-time favourite recipes from various cultures, including Mexican, Italian and French, as well as innovated and presented various new recipes. I know that the word 'bake' would immediately have conjured up the image of aromatic cakes, cookies, breads and pies, which delight the sweet tooth, but in this book I have broken away from the stereotype and focused on savoury meal-time baked dishes, which involve Everyday Bakes, Quick Bakes, Party Bakes and Quiches & Pies. As you browse through the book, you are sure to notice that most of the ingredients are the same for almost all the recipes, but trust me the end-result of each recipe is distinctly different. The diet-conscious among my readers will also be happy to note that I have not forgotten them! Many of the recipes also suggest more healthy alternatives to fat-laden ingredients, to help cut down on the recipes' calorie count. Hope you enjoy this novel offering of mine and may you make your way to everybody's heart, through their stomach!


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