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A gift of modern fast-paced life, hurried meals and loads of stress leads to acidity. Acidity, a common ailment that we all suffer from time to time - that awful burning sensation in the heart or chest. Acidity is caused by excessive secretion of the normal acids in the stomach. But when the secretion is excessive, it causes a burning sensation just below or behind the chest and the stomach. Wrong eating habits, unhealthy eating pattern, excessive spices, stress etc. are the causes of acidity. Besides this, wrong food choice can be a cause too. For example, there are certain foods that produce acids and some that produce alkali in our body. Eating acidic foods such as pickles, oily foods, chocolates etc. in excessive amounts can aggravate the disorder; hence opting for alkaline foods like bajra, jowar, ladies fingers, bananas etc. is the right way to beat acidity naturally. Instead of popping antacids every now and then, turn to mother nature for natural remedies and cure. My book “Acidity Cookbook” is an attempt to do so with a range of 50 healthy recipes that are planned keeping in mind the do's and dont's for acidity. Aware about the trouble and discomfort that one faces while suffering from acidity, my qualified team of chefs and nutritionist and I have formulated simple recipes that are made using alkaline foods, less spices and are cooked in less oil. Along with this, there are certain foods like onions, kokum, mint etc., which do wonders for acidity, are used in recipes like Minty Stuffed Parathas, Pyazwali Bhindi, Kokum Sherbet, etc. Also included is a comprehensive information on acidity, its causes, symptoms, ways to ease it, list of acidic and alkaline foods and natural remedies for you to know everything about acidity and how to overcome it yourself. Learn how to eat and live right to combat acidity with a range of delicious and healthy recipes!


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