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The popular round of advice that nutritionists dish out is to have snacks that are around 100 calories with the right balance of nutrients. But 100 calories itself is a dicey number. One can get 100 calories by having either two fat-laden sweet cookies or one portion of low calorie mix sprouts bhel. The key to right snacking lies in the right selection of food and the right amount. This is how the concept of creating a “100 Calorie Snacks” cookbook took shape. The book is filled with 30 scrumptious recipes that have been classified under 6 different categories of Chatpata Chaat, Waffles & Pancakes, Instant Dishes, Dry Snacks, Wraps & Kebabs and Multi-Cuisine Snacks. The recipes have been designed by my team of nutritionists and chefs in a manner that they are filling as well nutritious. I suggest you to stick to the portion size as mentioned in each recipe to avoid over exceeding the calorie intake. Sticking to these recipes will surely satisfy your taste buds, avoid unnecessary bingeing on high-calorie snacks and help you overcome the thinking that 100 calorie snacks can only be raw fruits and vegetables. The book also busts several common myths about snacking and provides helpful hints and tips. So, go ahead and enjoy these snacks whenever your tummy cries for snacks.


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