Tarla Dalal Tiffin Treats For Kids

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Packing tiffin for school is inevitably a challenging task for mothers - combining the right nutrition and healthy ingredients into tasty dishes which kids would love and that too, 6 days a week, day after day, week after week. This book is my attempt to relieve you of the daily dilemma of what to pack in your kid’s tiffin. With scrumptious and nutritious recipes to take you through the entire week from Monday to Saturday, there is a wide range of snacks, full lunches and desserts, covering recipes for both short and long breaks that your child will definitely relish. Both traditional and contemporary, the recipes combine various flavours from Indian and Western cuisine that will appeal to young taste buds. The balanced meal pyramid will be very handy for your meal planning, as will the tips on what to pack and how to pack for tiffin. For all the taste and nutrition, the recipes are simple to make, so you save on time and the hassle of getting up at unearthly hours to prepare them. Go on, surprise your kid with the stupendous variety within, rest assured that your child will never mouth the dreaded “I am bored of homefood” ever again.


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