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  • Height of barbecue grill: 46cm
  • Fire pan size: 44 x 27cm
  • Fire pan thickness: 0.5mm
  • Barbecue wire mesh diameter: 3mm
  • Working table height: 21cm
  • Fuel: charcoal
  • Multi-purpose: Outdoor Barbecue, House Barbecue, Winter Heating, etc. Cook delicious barbecued meals with ease
  • Material: Carbon Steel, Made of High Quality Material
  • This portable BBQ grill COMBO is super convenient for your taking to the beach, on a camping trip or anywhere you want.
  • This Combo makes perfect sense for all your barbecue needs. 
  • Package Contents: 1 Portable BBQ Grill, 1 BBQ Air Blower, 1 BBQ Lighter, 12 pc Skewers, 1 Brush for greasing. 


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