Prestige Deluxe Plus Induction Base Aluminium Handi Pressure Cookers

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Capacity: 2 Litres
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  • PRECISION WEIGHT VALVE : It is the 1st level of safety feature to release pressure above 1kg/cm2, which makes the cooking safe and time saving for you. It is made up of brass with steel coating on it for durability.
  • GASKET RELEASE SYSTEM : This is the 2nd level of safety provide in Prestige pressure cooker, in case there is any blockage of vent tube, gasket will bulge and steam will release through the slot. Thus making it extremely safe for usage.
  • METALLIC SAFETY PLUG : It is the 3rd level of safety feature top fitted to the lid, to release excess pressure, when it rises beyond a safety level. Thus making it extremely safe to use.
  • BASE : Prestige Deluxe Plus comes with an Aluminium base which is thick and machine pressed. The slight concave bottom ensures shape is retained for longer.
  • BODY : Prestige Deluxe Plus is an outer lid pressure cooker made from virgin Aluminium which is light in weight and long lasting. The outer lid feature is suitable for both separator cooking and direct vessel cooking.
  • PRESSURE INDICATOR : It is a visual indication of pressure level which will help in indicating the correct time to open cooker lid. Thus making extremely comfortable to use.
  • Double Screw Durable Handles
  • Material type : Aluminium
  • Base type : Induction base
  • Capacity : 2 Litre / 4.8 Litre
  • Lid type : Outer Lid
  • Shape : Handi
  • Color : Silver
  • Warranty: 5 Years Warranty on product
  • Package Contents : 1 Deluxe Plus Aluminium Handi Pressure Cooker, 1 Gasket, 1 Weight valve, 1 Product manual with Warranty card


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