Classy Touch - Flour Shifter/Strainer with Three Different Interchangeable sieves/mesh (Mechanically Operated)

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  • Smart Sifting: Just pressing the trigger mechanical assembly allows easy sifting by minimal force and effort. Prevents from hand and arm strains. No electricity or battery required, operational by hand fingers. Its suitable for white flour(Maida), Wheat flour(Atta), Soji or Rava, and more.
  • Size: Three different sizes detachable filter attach with a sifter.
  • Material:ABS Plastic(Manufactured according to ANSI specifications,Approved Food Grade material, Virgin plastic,Unbreakable body,Made In India)
  • 4x Durability: Better virgin material makes it very strong and durable. Easy to clean, just clean in soapy water, rinse and pat dry.
  • Dimension: Length: 10cm, Width: 10cm, Height: 9.5cm, Weight: 210g, Color:Yellow & White. The capacity of this container is 400ml approx.


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