Borosil Flip Tray, Grey

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  • The Flip Tray was designed especially for the Indian dining table, which always has a few staples on it - chutneys, pickles, mouth fresheners etc.  It allows you to access all three containers with one easy flip of the lip so you don’t need to screw and unscrew different jars of pickles, and nor do you have to worry about anything falling into your bowl of chutney because the Flip Tray is a bowl and jar, all in one! The Flip Tray comes with stainless steel spoons that fit perfectly in the containers.
  • Borosil Flip tray is a perfect way to serve your favourite lemon pickle, mango chutney or some mint yogurt or dry condiments on the dining table
  • 100% Borosilicate bowls do not react with food in contact unlike others
  • Color: Grey, Material: Glass
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Tray


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