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Do you want to work at your own flexibility and ease? Are you enthusiastic about cooking and the products? Are you an entrepreneur? Rasoishop.com is looking for you!

Welcome onboard at Rasoishop.com - India’s first virtual Kitchen Mega Mart.

Rasoishop currently is associated with 30 different Brands with more than 1000 products and is aggressively expanding its range. Promoted by RasoiShop Ventures Pvt. Ltd - we have a rich experience and infrastructure to choose quality products from various Brands and negotiate lowest price for bulk purchases. This benefit is passed on to consumers who gets verified and premium products at best prices.

Rasoishop gives every woman the flexibility to set work schedules, own a business, earn extra income and have a wide circle of influence. It is a recession proof business. Infact, if you have the capacity to expand your influence, inflation will never be a worry! Cooking - love it or hate it - but you cannot avoid it. With the product range and affordability of prices offered by Rasoishop, you can find innovative ways to market the product and find a new customer! And you get to earn without having to sacrifice the other important aspects of your life.

Over a 100,000 women have shopped, recognized and reinforced their confidence in Rasoishop products. They not only use them in their own homes but also have gone a step ahead by making a career out of introducing them to others through word of mouth, demonstration of products and other direct selling activities.

Your Role:

  • Initial investment of only Rs. 10,000/- against which products can be ordered for stock keeping

  • To generate sales

Your Reward:

We believe that hard work should be rewarded. Put simply, you will be rewarded with

  • income

  • recognition

  • extension of credit

  • monthly performance bonuses depending on your monthly productivity

Our Support:

  • We will send you 10 copies of our Product Catalogue - which is updated and printed every month. It can be used for order booking.

  • Call Centre executives will be available for answering their query daily.

  • Our website www.rasoishop.com is constantly updated with product details and offers. It can be accessed 24X7 with any devise to choose the product for purchase

  • Any other initiative suggested by you will also be considered and fulfilled for agents showing interest

If you are interested, please do fill in the application form and send it to [email protected]/ [email protected]

Upon receiving your application, we will call you and would be happy to answer any queries you would have regarding the business model. Once you confirm, we will send you a start-up kit and voila! your own business is set up! Get started right away.