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About Us

Rasoishop.com is a virtual Kitchen mega mall and one stop destination for buying your kitchen ware online in India. Rasoishop has been brought to you by Softel and other promoters having 22 years of experience in consumer marketing and kitchen industry.

Being an exclusive kitchen merchandise online store, Rasoishop focuses on the three aspects - Premium Products, Honest Prices and Free Home Delivery.

Rasoishop is a complete integration of Internet, TV, Brick & Mortar and Print. We have our shows running on various channels across several TV networks. It is a platform where the television viewer gets acquainted with premium products and brands through shows on the channel and can simply call to place an order. The experience does not end here. Over telephone, the shopper is assisted by trained shopping consultants who help them select the best deals to suit their requirements. Once an order is placed, the product is home delivered to the consumer within five days. This simple and convenient service further frees consumers of any anxiety by offering the option to pay via multiple modes of payments like cash on delivery, demand draft, cash remittance and credit card payments.

From the desk of the Founder

Maitreyi Jain:

Cooking to some is a mundane repetitive daily compulsion to be gone through quickly. For others its an art of expression, of love, of feelings, values, purpose and pleasure of living! It’s a necessity which is modified and enhanced to another level of existence. Whichever school of thought appeals to you, you can’t escape one thing- Cooking!

Rasoishop.com is committed to help you in your endeavour of cooking – whatever be your motivation. We shall bring to your cooking implements – both traditional as well as modern – so that the pleasure of cooking is enhanced. Its amazing that people spend big amount of cash on flashy things but have limited options to bruce up their kitchen.

Come discover the joy of cooking with Rasoishop.com and add pleasure to your relationships! Your active participation with us will surely help us to make the platform much bigger than a mere shopping site.

Happy honing up your cooking skills and happy shopping with us.

Maitreyi Jain has received professional qualification as a Chartered Accountant and is a Commerce graduate from Christ University, Bangalore. She interned at Ernst & Young, Bangalore before venturing into Rasoishop.

Abhishek A. Jain:

Has done his B.E. (MechEngg) from BITS Pilani and is pursuing PGDM from IIM, Kozhikode. He is leading the Marketing initiative on Social Media and other media platforms to entrench Rasoishop as an Omni Channel sales platform. Feels it is a futuristic platform which will attract many Brands for a measurable alternative to the unpredictable advertising expenditure. Wishes to make Rasoishop an interactive platform for customers to enhance their Pride in Home Cooking.

Anil Kumar Jain (Mentor):

Has done his B.E. (MechEngg) from MSU Baroda where he was a gold medalist and later went on to do his PGDM from IIM Bangalore (Class of ’84). A First generation Entrepreneur, he started off with a Manufacturing Venture – SOFTEL MACHINES LTD to make Innovative World Class Kitchen Appliances in 1991.

His Validated and strong 25 years of domain knowledge in Kitchen Appliances is an Invaluable assetas a mentor at Rasoishop