Hawkins Miss Mary Aluminum Pressure Cookers | Silver

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Capacity: 1.5 Litre
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  • Miss Mary Pressure Cooker gives trouble-free service and is safe. It goes through all the applicable rigorous checks as are applied on other pressure cookers manufactured by Hawkins and is quality-certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI).
  • THE PRESSURE-LOCKED SAFETY LID: The unique Pressure-Locked Safety lid ensures that when there is pressure inside the cooker, the lid is pressure-locked like a modern jetliner door. It cannot be opened until the pressure has fallen to a safe level.
  • PERFECT SEALING THROUGH BETTER DESIGN - PLAY: The lid handle bar is so attached to the lid that there is extra space for deliberate “play” or movement. This ensures the perfect sealing of the lid with the rim of the cooker body. This is an advanced design feature – do not try to tighten the bar and remove this "play"
  • FIXED UNBREAKABLE METAL HANDLE BRACKET: The fixed unbreakable metal handle bracket assists the self-centralizing lid in locking securely and safely in place, ensuring a steam-tight seal. It is also designed so that no undue pressure is put on the plastic handles, as it is part of the metal handle itself. Thus the handles last longer.
  • SUPERIOR PRESSURE REGULATION: The Miss Mary pressure regulation system regulates pressure efficiently, cooks fast, saves fuel, and is easy to insert and remove. Miss Mary cookers are checked against any leaks
  • AUTOMATIC SAFETY VALVE: The automatic Safety Valve is positioned such that, if it operates, the steam and food are deflected safely downwards.
  • LONGER LASTING GASKET: As the lid fits from inside, the gasket does not get rubbed sideways every time the pressure cooker is opened or closed. Further, exposure of the gasket to food acids in the pressure cooker is minimized due to the protection given to it by the rim of the lid.
  • STURDY, STAY-COOL HANDLES: The handles are designed to provide optimal comfort and protection from excessive heat when the cooker is in use. The metal screw and rivets used to fasten the handles are safely recessed to limit the chances of your hand coming into contact with hot metal during cooking.


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Shiv Shankar Dutta
Good product nice 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌

Good product nice packaging is good thank you.👌👍👍

Sher Singh (Delhi, IN)
Nice product

Thanks for quick supply

Pradeep Kale (Nagpur, IN)

Delivery is in time.

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