Hawkins Futura Non-Stick 2 Litre Deep-Fry Pan with Srainless Steel Lid | Black

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  • The Pan is ideal for sautéing and stir-frying foods using minimal quantities of oil. It can also be used for deep-frying and cooking gravies, curries and sauces
  • LONGER LASTING NON-STICK: PFOA Free Non-stick coating locked into tough Hard Anodised Aluminium - lasts longer.
  • HEAVY GAUGE: It comes with 3.25 mm extra-thickness, Cook fast & evenly. It is preferred for heavy gauge and a good balance that makes cooking easy and the results delicious.
  • STAY COOL PLASTIC HANDLE: The plastic handle is stay-cool and comfortable to hold and cook in.
  • HEAVY BASE: Heats Quickly & evenly, Retains heat well more stable
  • HARD ANODISING: Hygienic & Healthy Non-toxic, non-reactive with foods, will not pit, Tarnish, or corrode, Stay looking for a new Year.
  • SNUG FIT STAINLESS STEEL LID: The Lid is made of AISI 304, 18/8 food-grade Stainless Steel that is extremely hygienic, durable, and non-reactive to most foods. It has a comfortable, stay-cool plastic knob.
  • Suitable for use on domestic gas, kerosene, electric, ceramic, and halogen stoves.


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