Hawkins Futura Cast Iron 24 cm Fry Pan with Glass Lid | Gas & Induction Compatible | Black

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  • Presenting Hawkins Cast Iron, a range of contemporary cookware that helps you relive the original taste of food traditionally.
  • This traditional cookware is compatible with all heat sources including gas, induction, firewood, ceramic, electric, halogen, etc., and helps you cook and keep the food hot for a long time.
  • It is pre-seasoned for a superior cooking experience.
  • NO COATING: Naturally Nonstick Healthy, Tasty, Crispy food.
  • CAN USE HIGH HEAT: Retains heat well Easy to cook in.
  • ROUGH AND TOUGH: Can use metal ladles.
  • PRE-SEASONED WITH VEGETABLE OIL: Will not rust with regular care.
  • EXTRA-THICK 5 MM BASE: Food will not burn or stick Properly used, it will give generations of faithful service and tasty, healthy food.
  • MADE FROM HIGH-QUALITY GRADE OF CAST IRON: Superior purity increased hardness greater corrosion resistance and reduced porosity.
  • HEAT-PROOF GLASS LID WITH FOOD-GRADE SILICONE RIM: Traps flavor, cooks faster makes food tastier.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Diya Randhawa
Quality Matters

The superior-grade cast iron ensures long-lasting durability and excellent cooking performance.

Tejas Randhawa
Food Tastes Better

Cooking in this pan genuinely enhances the flavor of the food. I've noticed a significant improvement in taste since I started using it.

Ankit Dugal
Premium Quality

The high-quality cast iron used in this pan is evident in its performance. Superior purity, hardness, and corrosion resistance - it's a premium choice.

A Taste of Tradition

This cast iron pan is a fantastic addition to my kitchen. It's so versatile, working well with my induction cooktop. The pre-seasoning is a game-changer, ensuring I get that traditional taste in my cooking. No coatings, so it's healthy and easy to clean.

Akanksha Chokshi
Must-Have for Induction Cooking

If you have an induction cooktop, this fry pan is a must-have. It works like a charm and is induction compatible.

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